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Hauring offers the following services for medical device companies


Product/Market Fit Analysis

We use a three stage process to clearly define and communicate the potential of a product or service.

One Page Product/Market Fit Analysis.

Everyone on your team involved in developing your product or service should be able to answer the following three questions on a one page document. We’ll help you find the supporting evidence to create this.

  • 1. What problem is your product or service going to solve?
  • 2. How is your solution new or different from existing ways of solving that problem?
  • 3. How will that make the company money?


Lean is an agile development methodology, where you need to shape a hypothesis about your product/business first and then validate it with customers in service. For example, you build a minimum viable product, an iterative prototype of the would-be functional solution, and make it available for real customers to get their feedback. If it’s negative, you have not failed. You can pivot and correct the course of your idea, or change the business model. At the same time, the methodology provides numerous tools for effective strategic management, in which canvases play a significant role. We’ll help you develop this for your product/service and find supporting evidence from target customers.


When you are getting closer to launching your product or service this structured approach helps you clearly define all elements of the launch plan. It was developed at the University of Michigan and is used by companies like Johnson & Johnson, Smith & Nephew, Gore Medical and many others.


Technical Product Strategy

We will help you create the vision, goals and initiatives that will bring your company to the next level. This should be done after you have a great understanding of your customers and the market you want to serve.

  • Vision describes the market landscape, who the customers are, what they need, and how you plan to deliver a unique offering.

  • Goals are quantifiable and define what you want to achieve in the next quarter, year, or 18 months.

  • Initiatives are the high level efforts that will help you achieve your goals.

Jobs to be Done Analysis

For teams that need more help answering the questions above we will guide you in the use of "Jobs to be Done" process maps and to get the customer to communicate the outcomes they want to achieve, how important those outcomes are and their current level of satisfaction using existing solutions. This can help you find the best opportunities for value creation.

Product Roadmap

We will help you create a visual product roadmap based on your Technical Product Strategy to further increase the value of your business.


Clinical and Regulatory Analysis

We will create a strategy for first in human trials, endpoint analysis and regulatory assessments for multiple markets and practical recommendations for how to achieve them within the constraints of a smaller business. We can also introduce you to service providers that can help you execute the plan in multiple markets around the world.