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Hauring (pronounced How-Ring”) Medical Product Management was founded in 2019. The name comes from three nordic runes; Hagalaz, Uruz and Inguz that represent disruption, creativity and enthusiasm. We work with disruptive, creative technologies and enthusiastically help companies find product/market fit or recommend a pivot before they spend a lot of time developing a solution that does not have a market.

Medical device companies who don’t determine their product/market fit and business model early on have a high risk of failure. The number one reason new products fail is no market need. We use a unique combination of direct outcome-focused customer research and strategic marketing frameworks to help medical device companies clearly define product/market fit and a sustainable business model to reduce market risk at the early stages of development.

As companies pursue funding, investors and management teams are skeptical whether there will be demand for the new products, how it is getting paid for, and how would it appeal to the hospital/insurance buyers. When companies don’t do the early stage analysis this well they don’t get funding, are unable to show traction and the product fails.

We help you determine what problem you really solve, how you are different from competitors, and how to properly monetize your product or service. We have consultants available to help with regulatory and technology strategy as well to further increase investor confidence.

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