Hauring MedTech Market Fit is a MedTech and medical device consulting firm. We help you find product/market fit by resolving common issues at early stages of development. This reduces market risk and boosts management and investor confidence. You are probably facing the following issues:

  • bullets Questions about the market size and opportunity

  • bullets Undefined target audience and problem statement

  • bullets Unclear differentiation from competitors

  • bullets Multiple customer suggestions for new features

  • bullets Uncertainty about regulatory and reimbursement

Finding product/market fit is the process of researching these issues and repeatedly testing and refining your value proposition with the target customer. That’s where we come in.



Karyn Ross

University of Strathclyde

"We approached Hauring Medical Product Management to do a detailed product/market fit assessment for our new medical technology in the USA. We were impressed by Hogni, his proactiveness and openness. He is knowledgeable in the field, with expertise in reimbursement codes, has excellent contacts and provided a detailed and useful document that has allowed us to understand the US landscape. He was very efficient, professional and delivered according to deadlines."

Bobby Nourani

Syringe Pro - Founder/CEO

"Hauring Medical Product Management successfully contributed to multiple needs of SyringePro, a startup company – going to market strategy, financial projections, and FDA compliance. Hogni and Mike organized a stepwise approach of goals to accomplish and introduced me to quality third parties to facilitate needed proposals."

Sean Shin


"We partnered with Hauring in 2020 to evaluate product/market fit for three startups. Hogni connected the companies with subject matter experts that gave constructive feedback on the concepts and the pros and cons of US market entry. As a result these companies now have a clear idea of how well their product fits with the US market and are planning their commercialization."

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